Drone Pilot Training

We tailor our drone pilot training to the individual, so whether you are new to flying, or moving to a new aircraft type, we can help. At our growing number of training bases across the UK, we can provide training on multirotor, fixed-wing and hybrid drones. All our trainers are, or have been, commercial drone operators.


Training Bases

Choose from one of our four Flight Training Bases across the UK. We also have 4 additional locations where we are able to offer our theory training. 

For organisations looking to put more than 4 people through pilot training we may be able to arrange to come to your location. Contact us for more information.

Training Base


Training Base


Training Base


Training Base


Flight Training Packages

The Aerial Academy has various drone flight training locations across the UK. Our flight training can cover multirotor, helicopter or fixed-wing. The equipment available at each location varies so please contact us and we can advise you on the best location for your training. We can provide basic drone equipment at all of our locations and are also insured to fly and train you on your own drone.

Drone flight training is not a compulsory part of preparing to apply for your Permission for Commercial Operations, but it can help you to prepare for your operational flight assessment.

Drone flight training is open to:

  • Beginners

  • Recreational drone pilots

  • Pilots with PPL

  • PfAW/PfCO holders

Training is offered as either a 1 or 2 day course, and is booked on a basis of mutual convenience (Monday to Friday). Training runs from 9am until 4pm with a 30 minute debrief at the end, and approx. 1 hour lunch break.

Training is limited to 2 people per course so that training can be tailored to each individual's skill level. However, if you wish to train on your own please indicate so upon booking. Guaranteed one-to-one training is available at a 50% surcharge.

For availability, please give us a call or send us an email advising which location you are enquiring about. Please be aware that to confirm your place we will require payment within 2 working days of booking.


Please contact us for drone flight training rates at our different locations.

Flight Assessment

For those with existing qualifications or exemptions to the theory requirement (see Section 2, Chapter 4 of CAA notice), the Aerial Academy can offer Operational Flight Assessments at our locations in Norfolk (0-7kg, 7-20KG), Gloucestershire (0-7kg) and Swansea (0-7kg, 7-20kg).

If you require theory and examination prior to Flight Assessment please refer to our PfCO certification course.


The assessment itself will consist of a site survey and risk assessment, pre-flight checks, assessment of basic and operational flight, and post flight checks. Assessment of basic and operational flight will include failsafe, GPS and non-GPS assisted flight, flight at different altitudes and distances in all orientations

Assessments are available in both mornings (9am start) and afternoons (1pm start), and take approximately 2 hours with roughly 30 minutes of flight time.

Flight Assessments start from £300 +VAT

Contact us for availability advising which location you are enquiring about, and the drone you want to be assessed on. Please be aware that to confirm your booking we will require payment within 2 working days. The categories for assessment are 0-7Kg fixed-wing, 7-20Kg fixed-wing, 0-7Kg rotary-wing and 7-20Kg rotary wing. You only have to carry out the test on one aircraft in each category to fly any drone in that category.


Flight Assessment Theory & Law

Please ensure you are familiar with all current UK UAS legislation prior to arranging your Operational Flight Assessment. CAP 722 6th edition March 2015 covers most of this, and will lead you to relevant areas of the Air Navigation Order. Please look carefully at section 3.38 on page 42 as this summarises what the CAA requires us to cover in our Operational Assessment of your abilities.