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module 4 – air law


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Module 4 is all about air law. It starts with a top down summary of air law from the global level down to local regulations. It then breaks down the relevant air law and the implications for operations. Non-UK instructors will need to add a discussion of local air law.

More resources to follow.

Introduction to Air Law

Introducing international, European and UK air law. A little of the history, but trying to make it relevant to drones and to explain why some of the rules might seem a bit strange.

CAA documents

Introduces the relevant CAA documentation

ANO articles 240 and 241

Two articles not specific to drones. The concept of recklessness and negligence is very important.

ANO articles 94, 94A and 94B

Article 94 is the first article specific to drones. Relatively simple now the later part has been removed. Foceuses on safety and VLOS. 94A and B define the FRZ and how pilots should operate in it.

Article 95

This article focuses on separation distances for small unmanned surveillance aicraft.

PfCO run through

A run through of the standard PfCO. Highlight the elements of the PfCO that override the air law in article 95.

CAP 722 and CAP 382

Highlighting a few areas of CAP 722. It is a big document so people need to read through the document themselves later. CAP 382 is a summary of the mandatory occurrence reporting process.