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school of drones membership

The School of Drones is run by as a support portal for all candidates currently undertaking a course with and it also supports remote pilots providing access to the latest training resources, email and telephone advice with your operations, and regulation updates.

It is also facilitates the creation of an up to date Operations Manuals incorporating’s comprehensive QRH library and if you have purchased PfCO support it entitles you to the documentation check and preparation of your PfCO renewal.

A paid subscription membership to the School of Drones requires an invitation to purchase. This is not applicable to the Recreational Membership. If you would like to know more about a particular membership, recieve an invitation to purchase or sign up to the Recreational Memberhsip then please complete the form below:

 Anyone who books on our Pilot Competence Course or Operational Assessment with PfCO support gets 12 months free access to School of Drones.