The Aerial Academy becomes first UK CAA restricted NQE

On 24th April 2015 The Aerial Academy was granted restricted NQE status by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

This means we can now offer flight assessments to provide the evidence required to apply for a CAA permission for aerial work. This service could be particularly relevant for people who already have current or lapsed manned aviation experience such as an EASA or UK licence, military qualifications, glider licences etc.

Full details of the new paths to a permission for aerial work are available on page 20 of CAA Information Notice IN-2015/008.

Please feel free to contact us if you think this may be relevant to you.

If you have no previous aviation experience then you will need to attend a full NQE course, which we can also help you to organise.

Please feel free to call for a chat on 01603 673615 or email on

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