A new route to a CAA Permission for Aerial Work

In January 2015 we will announce a new route to a CAA permission for Aerial Work. Please watch this space for announcements.

Over the past two years, we have been working hard on developing a holistic supply and drone training process to build up from a novice drone operator to commercial operations.

By maintaining a good working relationship with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we have been able to put together a programme that aims to support drone pilot and business development at all stages of the process.

We will be able to help with:

1) Sourcing your drone

Whether you are a recreational user or high end surveyor, our links with drone suppliers such as Versadrones and DJI allows us to tailor a multirotor to your purposes. From 1Kg quadcopters, such as the DJI Phantom to 10Kg octocopters, such as the Versadrones Heavylift, we can supply carefully chosen products. We won’t sell something that we wouldn’t fly ourselves!

2) Sourcing insurance

We work closely with leading specialist drone insurance companies to supply insurance packages that meet your needs. Please contact us for details

3) Initial drone flight training

We have been running drone flying courses for over a year, taking people from absolute beginner to commercial operator. We can supply equipment to try before you buy and tailor training to individuals so it doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or moving from another industry sector, we can provide the right training for you.

4) Commercial drone flight and theory training

Once you have completed our initial drone flight training (or if you already have provable flight skills) you will be able to enrol on our commercial drone flight and theory training course. Our approach is going to be slightly different to the current systems in place which we believe generate excessive administrative load for everybody concerned. (More details January 2015)

5) Assistance with CAA paperwork

We aim to minimise paperwork required for the Operations Manual and information that need to be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority. Over the last two years we have assisted many operators with this aspect of obtaining a Permission for Aerial Work. Our operations procedures are tried and tested and our operations manuals are well received by the CAA.